At the ASHLAND SCHOOL OF HYPNOTHERAPY, we are dedicated to professional and personal development through innovative, in-depth training in hypnotherapy.


“In entering the training, I anticipated learning the fundamental and technical aspects of hypnotherapy. Instead, the learning I received was so profound that it became a life changing experience.”
S. R.- student

Through a program of individualized, experiential learning, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices – the art and science – of hypnotherapy. You will learn to use a variety of hypnotherapy approaches and techniques, as well as how to be an effective and ethical hypnotherapist.

Our program provides the vital link between the classroom and real world practice.

We train doctors, counselors, nurses, hospice workers, psychologists, massage therapists, students, teachers and many others who want to complement their existing skills or enter a new field.

The Strength of Our Program Lies in Our Highly Personalized, Extensive Student Services:

  • Supervised Experience
  • A Strong Knowledge Base
  • Ongoing Training and Consultation
  • Professional Development, including On-Line and In-Person Training
  • Personal Support, helping each student to develop their aptitudes and interests
  • Practical Background in Beginning and Maintaining a Hypnotherapy Practice
  • National Certification as a Hypnotherapist, and CEUs for Health Practitioners

At the ASHLAND SCHOOL OF HYPNOTHERAPY you will develop skills that you can immediately integrate into your work and life. You will leave our courses confident in your ability to use your hypnotherapy skills.

                                       A STRONG FOUNDATION
Our Core Inspirations at Ashland School of Hypnotherapy

At the core of our teaching at Ashland School of Hypnotherapy, are these principles that
guide and inspire us, and are the ground and framework of all of our courses. You will learn:

Hypnotherapy is an Art and a Science.

At Ashland School of Hypnotherapy we place importance on both the Art and the Science
of Hypnotherapy.  You will learn the most up-to-date science and techniques of
hypnotherapy, and you’ll also learn the subtle art of how to develop rapport and the hypnotic
use of language for your clients’ greatest benefit.

‘Being with people supports lasting transformation.

” I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelou

Hypnotherapy is not only in what you do- it’s in how you be with your clients.  At Ashland
School of Hypnotherapy, you’ll learn how to create a connection with your clients that
promotes safety and an environment in which they can open the pathways to their inner
intelligence, connecting with resources and understandings that are not easily available in
their usual waking state.

We value the stillpoint- the inner quiet that comes when the mind quiets,
and a person reaches a deeper state.

Hypnotherapy can be of the most effective ways to reach the stillpoint- the experience of
inner quiet that allows us to connect with something deeper thant he thinking mind. While
some schools of hypnotherapy teach a kind of hypnotherapy that relies on a sleep-like state
and suggestions for change, at Ashland School of Hypnotherapy, we teach hypnotherapy
that helps our clients to reach the stillpoint, out of which the deepest answers, and
experiences of transformation arise. By reaching a deeper state, we empower our clients to
discover their own answers.

We are part of a lineage of healing that goes back as far as recorded

Our usual waking state is useful for usual things.  When our lives require a deeper kind of
knowing, we need a way to travel the inner pathways to our deeper intelligence and
creativity. Many cultures, both current and ancient, have ways to enter this deeper, wiser
state- through music, movement, prayer and meditation.  At Ashland School of
Hypnotherapy, we teach a way to connect with inner knowing and inspiration that is
available to everyone.

We are committed to helping you to develop not only the
skills, but the confidence to bring what you’ve learned into a
successful hypnotherapy practice.

Many people enjoy learning hypnotherapy, and yet find that they don’t have the confidence
that they need to start their practice.  At Ashland School of Hypnotherapy, we recognize
that developing the confidence, and the understanding of how to develop a successful
practice are important components of hypnotherapy training.

Learning is a result of several factors coming together.
“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

At the Ashland School of Hypnotherapy, we firmly believe that a good education enables a
student to get in touch with their own deepest gifts and abilities, and not simply memorize
and repeat techniques and information.  Through our training, you’ll become your best

Incorporating the principles of a good hypnotic session into the classroom.
o Space to relax, align and deepen.
o Contacting inner resources for learning and growing.
o Connecting with what inspires you.

Using the latest research in how people learn best.
o Brain science on how we take in and remember information.
o Creating a learning environment based in this knowledge.
o Teaching you how to extend this into your practice of hypnotherapy.

A variety of contexts and experiences to integrate information most completely.
o Multi-faceted, wholistic learning.
o Timing and scheduling of different materials and modalities to maximize
understanding and retention.
o Each course combines lecture, demonstration, experiential exercises, and

Opportunities to make the learning your own.
o Small classes with highly individualized training.
o Support for discovering your greatest interests within the field of
o Respect for the uniqueness of each student.

We are committed to your ongoing education.
Learning continues. It doesn’t stop at the end of a course.
We offer ongoing support, including advanced classes, supervision, and free teleconferences
and consults for graduates.