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40 Hours: This course fulfills the yearly CEU requirements for many therapists.

Medical Hypnotherapy

Medical Hypnotherapy As the medical field becomes more impersonal and complex, many people are looking for a way to support their own health, to reduce stress and pain, and to lower their need for external interventions. Patients are seeking alternatives that will develop their own inner resources- to enhance their natural ability to reduce pain and illness, and to improve their health. This course will provide valuable skills for working with these issues.


Medical Hypnotherapy is a growing field that is applicable in many areas of health. You will learn how to:


Oncology: reduces stress and pain, relieve nausea, decrease side effects of radiation and chemotherapy, increase confidence, improve self-image, and help with end of life issues

Gynecology: relieve uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy, including nausea and back pain, easing childbirth, reducing PMS symptoms and genital warts, and working through sexual trauma

Injury and Illness: reduce pain and inflammation, shorten recovery, slow bleeding and improve wound healing, improve immune response, increase relaxation and general sense of well being

Surgery and other medical procedures: prepare emotionally and physically for surgery, reduces the need for anesthesia and pain medications, minimize complications and side effects, shorten recovery time

Digestive disorders: improve digestive functioning, including reducing excess stomach acid, IBS, and supporting improved eating habits and self care

Heart and Blood Pressure: lower blood pressure, support life style improvements, including diet, exercise and stress management

General health and well-being: improve body image, self care, diet and exercise, develop positive, resourceful attitudes and behaviors

Currently, up to 90% of doctor visits are stress related. Many people are looking for natural alternatives and supportive therapies that address their stress and pain. This course will provide valuable skills for working with these issues.










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