At the ASHLAND SCHOOL OF HYPNOTHERAPY, we respect the fact that many people would like an education in hypnotherapy, but are unable to devote the hours and expense to a 4 week on-site course. We also realize that when a student sits in a class for ten hours a day for 4 consecutive weeks, they may not have sufficient time to integrate and practice what they are learning.


Therefore, we have developed a new Professional Certification Course that provides a mixture of on-site and on-line/home study learning. Students prepare for the course with a brief home study portion that introduces you to the field of hypnotherapy, and offers a sample induction that you can experience for yourself, and begin to practice. You will then spend 7 days at our beautiful site in Ashland, Oregon, studying intensively with our director and support staff. You will have the opportunity to practice, observe demonstrations, and participate in lectures and discussions with other students. In other words, you will be participating in a program that can only be done in person. You will be supported in discovering your strengths and special interests within the field, and building upon those.


The next part of the course is a 10 week home study/ on-line portion. You will be given a new area of study each week which will involve 8 hours of varied practice, including text, practice, audio and video, teleconferences with the instructor and other students, and e-mail. This will give you time to integrate what you are learning, in preparation for the next on-site 7 day course, followed by an additional period of home study.


It is our hope that this combination will afford you the best possible hypnotherapy education. You can complete the entire course in 14 weeks.

    • Total course: 200 hours