What is hypnotherapy? 

Many people are interested in hypnotherapy, but are not sure what it is, or how it is used. Does one fall asleep? Do things they wouldn’t normally do? Change a lifetime habit in one session?

Hypnotherapy is a type of transformative and healing work that makes use of an opportunity where the mind is more relaxed and open to transform old patterns and belief systems. Unlike traditional counseling and psychotherapy, hypnotherapy is not done solely at the conscious level. It allows a person to experience healing states of consciousness in which deep and rapid transformation is possible, and to contact a renewed sense of creativity, self-confidence, and peace. Hypnotherapy enables a person to experience parts of self often unavailable in normal consciousness.

Hypnotherapy is not magic. A person will not do anything in a hypnotherapy session that they wouldn’t agree to in normal consciousness.

Unlike the examples of stage hypnosis that many people are familiar with, hypnotherapy is a conscious process in which a person is more -not less- aware. They have an expanded sense of choices, and an increased ability to by-pass the usual mental chatter, to have a fuller understanding of their feelings and motivations, and their capacity to work with them in a positive, empowered way. Hypnotherapy sessions are usually experienced as deeply relaxing and peaceful.


How is hypnotherapy used?

Hypnotherapy is used effectively in many fields. It is used in counseling to resolve trauma and relieve anxiety and depression, in the addictions field to support recovery, and in the medical field in weight loss and smoking cessation, for pain control, and in preparation for childbirth, and for surgery and other medical procedures. It is used in sports and the business world to enhance performance and creativity.

Research has shown that when hypnotherapy is part of a treatment process, the effectiveness of the treatment is increased.

Is it possible for me to have a career in hypnotherapy?it Yes. When you graduate from the ASHLAND SCHOOL OF HYPNOTHERAPY you will have skills that can be used in several different career paths. Some of our graduates have opened practices as hypnotherapists with a variety of specialties, and some use their hypnotherapy skills in their existing practices as counselors, therapists, nurses and other types of health practitioners. Hypnotherapy is also used in the fields of career counseling, motivation, sports and spiritual counseling.

How long will it take me to become a hypnotherapist?

Our professional program is divided into four parts, each lasting five days. Each part is designed to offer students a comprehensive training in elements of hypnotherapy. After each section, students are encouraged to practice what they have learned, enabling them to fully integrate the training before moving on to the next section. In this way, at the end of the 200 hours, students are well prepared to begin a professional practice.


Are there extra costs involved in attending the programs?

The training manual and some digitally recorded sample inductions are included in the cost of tuition (a value of $150). Sometimes students find it helpful to purchase additional recorded inductions, but this is not necessary. Additionally, private tutoring is available, but not required.

The cost of your living expenses during the course is not included in the tuition. Ashland offers a variety of lodging and eating choices. ASHLAND SCHOOL OF HYPNOTHERAPY will assist you in finding accommodations that meet your budget and other requirements.


Will hypnotherapy training interfere with my religious beliefs?

ASHLAND SCHOOL OF HYPNOTHERAPY does not advocate or discriminate based on spiritual or religious belief. We have students from a variety of religious backgrounds.

For many people, hypnotherapy is a supportive way to manage pain, to enhance well-being and success in different areas of their lives, and many other important applications. While there are profound and beautiful hypnotic inductions for spiritual awakening, it is always your choice whether you want to use them or not.