In The Presence of Dying: Supporting Families

In The Presence of Dying: Supporting Families

    In The Presence of Dying: Supporting Families

    Most of us, at some point in our lives have or will have the experience of being with a friend or loved one in critical care, during a disease, or during their time of dying. Of equal importance to discussing death is our development of skill and presence in how we “be” in the presence of dying. Whether we are there in a formal role of hospice or family caregiver or informally as a friend or advocate – our presence and skillfulness can bring grace, dignity and completion to the person who is dying and their family.

    Having a loved one die can be traumatic for families.  They may have conflicting feelings about the person, or be very clear that they don’t want them to go.  They may project their own fears and spiritual beliefs onto the dying person, or feel unsure how to act around a person who is dying.

    As a caregiver, having the skill of presence offers an opportunity for others to settle in to their own inner selves, drawing on the wealth of understanding, peace and strength that reside there, and that they may be out of touch with.

    After death, we provide the family with processes for coming to terms with their relationship with the one who has passed, remembering and holding onto the goodness in the relationships, and saying good-bye.

    In this training you’ll learn specific techniques to help your client with pain relief and other issues that arise at the end of life, so their passing can be peaceful and graceful. You will have the opportunity to explore your own feelings about dying, you’ll learn how to maintain your own peace and equanimity with those who are nearing the end of their life, and you will learn how to stay focused on your client’s needs amidst the impersonal nature of a hospital or the chaos of family.

    If you are a person who is drawn to being a skilled witness and a support for people at this significant time, please join us March 24-26 for ‘In the Presence of Dying-Meditations for the End of Life to learn the skills for multi-faceted caregiving that addresses the physical, psychological and spiritual experience of dying. Sign up by Friday, Feb. 24 and receive an early registration discount.

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