In the Presence of Dying – Meditations for the End of Life

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Lynnea 1-07“Death is a deep spring.
For many of us, this spring has been parched of its mystery.
And yet we have an intuition that a fragment of eternity within us is liberated at the time of death.
This intuition calls us to bear witness-to apprehend a part of ourselves, which has perhaps been hidden and silent.”
Joan Halifax


IN THE PRESENCE OF DYING-MEDITATIONS FOR THE END OF LIFE, offers a profound way to offer the ancient art of healing companionship. Hypnotherapy provides an essential healing practice that opens the doors of possibility to provide what people most want and need during this stage of life. With hypnotherapy you can provide respite from pain and suffering, a supportive way to process feelings, to prepare for passage, and to value and enjoy the time that’s available.

IN THE PRESENCE OF DYING-MEDITATIONS FOR THE END OF LIFE, is for hypnotherapists, hospice workers, counselors, social workers, nurses, doctors and other health practitioners that work with terminally ill and dying patients, family and caregivers of elderly and end of life patients, and others who are interested in this work for personal and professional reasons.

When doctors are in medical school, they learn little about aging or dying. They don’t learn how people experience the end of their lives, or how it affects those around them. The ‘deep spring’ that Joan Halifax speaks about in the quote above is ‘parched of its mystery’, and death is considered a failure. Yet, when people are near death, what they want most is:

  • To have a sense of meaning
  • To be cared for with dignity
  • To not feel alone
  • To be able to let go, or to hang on until they feel complete
  • To have relief from pain and fear
  • To have a sense of power and selfhood
  • Something about spiritual sense

Hypnotherapy offers peace, depth, sanctuary, aliveness, forgiveness, a way to explore what’s beyond, a sense of dignity, of mattering, of being able to voice what’s wanted, and of release.

This transformative program, IN THE PRESENCE OF DYING-MEDITATIONS FOR THE END OF LIFE, brings together, in a unique and powerful way,wise and practical techniques for the sensitive experience of being with people who are critically ill and dying. It addresses the call of those who want to develop skill and knowledge in the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of this potentially profound and tender time of life.

In this training, you’ll learn meditations and hypnotherapy to:

  • Support a dignified, grace-filled passage
  • Offer multi-faceted care that addresses physical, psychological and spiritual experience
  • Explore anger, fear, guilt and denial
  • Cultivate forgiveness and letting go/ being in the moment
  • Support family, caregivers and friends
  • Develop compassion, strength and resilience in the face of suffering
  • Work in medical settings

Please join us for a training that will prepare you for the life changing experience of being fully present with dying.

Rochelle Jaffe, Director of the ASHLAND SCHOOL OF HYPNOTHERAPY, has been a facilitator and trainer for WinterSpring-Center for Loss and Grief, and has worked with Hospice as a hypnotherapist, helping clients with pain and end-of-life issues.

COST: $285


“I heard about your training program when I was in graduate school and this year things finally worked out so that I could train with you. Your work, guidance, and skills are inspirational. My ultimate goal has always been to open a private practice and before I completed your class I felt like there was something missing, and until I found it I would not be able to work with clients as effectively as I desired. Instinctively I knew that hypnotherapy was that missing piece, and your training and support gave me the courage and confidence to pursue my goals.”

– Samantha T.