Life Beyond Food: Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


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Learn an effective 8 week program for weight loss that you can immediately incorporate into your practice.

Learn how you can meet your weight loss goals through including hypnotherapy in your weight loss program. In this 5-day retreat, you will receive in-depth training in using hypnotherapy to achieve your weight loss goals, and/or to help others. Through a program based in the latest research on motivation, goal-setting, and creating inspiring and lasting habit change, you will discover how you can lose weight and maintain a balanced weight and relationship with food and exercise.
In this course, you’ll learn how to find your deeper motivation and to use your own inner wisdom to create new ways of eating, exercising, and caring for yourself. You will learn how to use this information professionally, so that you can work with others to help them to transform their relationship to food.

  • Create a positive, personal vision for weight loss.
  • Develop the practical steps that will enable you to reach your goal.
  • Learn the latest research on motivation and habit change, and how you can apply it to weight loss.
  • Transform your relationship with food.
  • Address emotional eating.
  • Resolve past issues that influence the way you eat.
  • Understand and work with cravings, stress, and other life events that affect your weight.
  • Create an enjoyable, balanced relationship with food.
  • Address related issues, including exercise and body image.

COST: $575.00

What our students say:


“Thank you for the deep and loving presence that you are, and for showing me the possibility of being a real human being and a great healer at the same time.”


“In entering the training, I anticipated learning the fundamental and technical aspects of hypnotherapy. Instead, the learning I received was so profound that it became a life changing experience.”


“The skills that I learned were multifaceted and complete, so that I feel a very real sense of competence and expertise in beginning my journey as a hypnotherapist.”