Professional Programs


ASHLAND SCHOOL OF HYPNOTHERAPY offers several levels of quality, professional hypnotherapy training at a price that’s affordable for you. We present professional courses for those who are new to hypnotherapy, are already practicing, or are in a related field and want to add hypnotherapy to your practice.

Time and Convenience – cost effective and time sensitive programs, that get the results you want. You can’t choose a training program that’s of higher quality or better geared to the way you work.

Practical Benefits – all of our programs are designed to give you information and hands on experience that will enable you to use what you have learned effectively and immediately.

Excellent Reference Materials – take home an in-depth, easy-to-follow manual and other materials that will serve you for years to come.

Experience and Know-How – our staff is well trained and highly experienced.

On-going support – continuing supervision, advanced classes and other training opportunities are available.


Training Courses


Introduction to Hypnotherapy

A 20 hour course that offers a taste of the depth and transformation possible through hypnotherapy. It offers skills that health professionals can incorporate into their existing practices, and, for those who are new to the field, an initial step into a possible new career.

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Professional Hypnotherapist Certification Course

This is our premier course. In 200 hours of in-person and online training, you’ll be eligible for national certification as a hypnotherapist.

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Hypnotic Coaching

Become a nationally certified Hypnotic Coach or Hypnotic Master Coach.  Hypnotic Coaching supports and inspires clients to live from their deepest calling. It is used for life, business and spirituality. It’s a wholistic, strength based approach, based in the idea that each of us has immeasurable resources of energy, wisdom, and ability waiting to be set in motion. As Hypnotic Coaches we help our clients utilize these resources to facilitate change and realize their potential, thus creating the life our clients want.

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Enneagram Training for the Hypnotherapist

The Enneagram is an ancient method for understanding character. When you understand the enneagram, you understand your clients more deeply.

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Advanced Courses


ASHLAND SCHOOL OF HYPNOTHERAPY offers several short courses for those who are looking for a way to further develop their skills. We offer CEUs for hypnotherapists, counselors, massage therapists, and others. Please click on the names of individual courses on the bar at the right side of the page for more information.

Medical Hypnotherapy

Medicine has changed in the past decade, and the understanding of how the mind affects the body is growing. Many doctors and other health practitioners are seeking ways to help their patients to deal not only with their physical symptoms, but to utilize their minds to potentiate healing, maintain good health, and experience a sense of well-being. Medical hypnotherapy answers that call.

Medical hypnotherapists are finding themselves highly valued as team members in both mainstream and alternative health care. It is one of the best researched areas in hypnotherapy, with positive results in pain management, improving healing, preparing for surgery, cancer, and more.

Medical Hypnotherapy is a 100 hour blended course that consists of a mix of in-person and online training. At the conclusion of this course, you’ll be prepared to work with a large variety of medical issues. You’ll have an extensive knowledge base, therapeutic skills, and professional, peaceful therapeutic presence.

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Life Beyond Food

Learn to work effectively with the different aspects of overeating and weight gain. Life Beyond Food utilizes hypnotherapy to address emotional eating, metabolic change, and cultivating the inner resources needed to sustain a peaceful, healthy relationship with food.

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In the Presence of Dying

Utilizes hypnotherapy in hospice work. Whether someone close to you is nearing the end of their life, or you work with those who are dying as a nurse, hospice volunteer or other health practitioner, this course will give you rich new skills in supporting those you work with in experiencing peace and comfort at the end of life. This course teaches hypnosis for pain, emotional release and connection to a deep, abiding sense of equanimity for patient and practitioner.

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Inner Knowing Retreat

A deeply restful and nourishing weekend exploration of how to access your inner knowing. Based in the understanding that we know much more than we are often consciously aware of, in this course you’ll learn practical techniques for quieting your mind and tuning into the wisdom and understanding of your body and heart.

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Soul Medicine Hypnotherapy

Soul Medicine Hypnotherapy offers a profound and supportive method for applying the principles of spirit to health in body, mind and emotions. When the core issues of who we are and our higher life purposes are explored, our sense of identity shifts, then deep and lasting change is possible. This is “the medicine of love”. From this state of being, each one of us is able to manifest our highest gifts to the world. This advanced course covers some of the most profound and affirming elements possible.

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Past Life Regression

For some people, including such luminaries as Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, the idea that we’ve lived before is a natural and useful concept. In this 5-day course, you’ll delve into past live regression, and learn how to help your clients to resolve old issues that are affecting them in the present, and bring forward skills and knowledge

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Consultation Services

If there is an area of hypnotherapy that you would like to explore privately, individual consultations are available with our director. These sessions also apply for CEU credit in most cases.

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Personal Exploration

Do you have a personal issue that you would like to work on in a peaceful, supportive individual setting? Personal retreats offer a very good way to investigate deeply into a particular issue. Having time and space away from daily activities and distractions can support deep change and transformation, and can be very healing. Having an extended hypnotherapy session each day, while visiting Ashland and staying in lovely, supportive accommodations, may include utilizing the many resources in Ashland for massage, exercise, outdoor activities, and contemplation.

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