Introduction To Hypnotherapy

20 HOURS – This course fulfills the yearly CEU requirements for many therapists.
Please call for dates and times. 541-488-3180

Hypnotherapy is a supportive, transformative technique, which makes use of the opportunity where the thinking mind is quiet and relaxed, allowing greater emotional access and responsiveness in which rapid transformation is possible. This 20 hour course offers a ‘taste’ of this process, giving each participant an experiential and theoretical “first course’ that is immediately applicable, and provides a springboard for further study.

In our Introduction to Hypnotherapy course, you will learn a variety of basic inductions, and an understanding of how hypnotherapy works. This course is highly experiential. Through a hands-on process of lecture, demonstration and supervised practice, you will come away with techniques that you can integrate immediately into your work and life. (Includes a hypnotherapy skill manual).

  • Access and develop inner resources
  • Deepen insight
  • Work with anxiety and depression
  • Support addiction recovery
  • Enhance self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Cultivate calmness, clarity and peace of mind

This course is designed for those who are already in the helping professions who would like to add the effectiveness and value of hypnotherapy to their existing practice, and people who would like a week-end experience of learning and practicing hypnotherapy, and may be considering hypnotherapy as a career.

This course can be applied to the 200 hours required for certification as a hypnotherapist, and also fulfills the continuing education requirement for the national Board of Certified Counselors. Please contact us for more information, including dates and times.


“The skills that I learned were multifaceted and complete, so that I feel a very real sense of competence and expertise in beginning my journey as a hypnotherapist.”

– Student Quote