Soul Medicine

Soul Medicine Hypnotherapy offers a resourceful and supportive method for applying the principles of spirit to health in body, mind and emotions, transforming old patterns and connecting with a deep, authentic sense of self. When the core issues of who we are explored, our sense of identity shifts, then deep and lasting change is possible. This is “the medicine of love”. From this state of being, each one of us is able to manifest our highest gifts to the world.
This course covers some of the most profound and affirming elements possible:

  • Connect with inner wisdom and strength.
  • Strengthen relatedness with the natural world.
  • Tap into forgotten assets and hidden potentials.
  • Deepen a sense of authenticity and aliveness.
  • Cultivate inner peace amidst chaos and stress.

Join us for a transformative week-end course in which you will learn the theory and techniques- the art and science- of hypnotherapy as it is used to cultivate the capacity to experience all aspects of our unique and multi-faceted being.

14.5 hours.This course meets CEU requirements for many therapists.

COST: $275

“In entering the training, I anticipated learning the fundamental and technical aspects of hypnotherapy. Instead, the learning I received was so profound that it became a life changing experience.” …”Thank you for the deep and loving presence that you are, and for showing me the possibility of being a real human being and a great healer at the same time.”

– Student quotes